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GSVlabs and UIS Partner to Present: Tianfu New Area North American Innovation Center

November 6, 2017

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between GSVlabs and United Innovation Services in support of the Tianfu New Area North American Innovation Center; a cross-border incubator that aims to facilitate the exchange of innovation talent and resources between Chengdu and Silicon Valley. We celebrated the collaboration on October 18, 2017 at the Corporate Innovation Reimagined Innovation Showcase here at GSVlabs. A diverse group of over 300 attendees joined us, ranging from IT corporate executives and VCs, to university scholars and high-tech and internet startups. The speaking lineup included Gary Swart, Partner at Polaris Partners and former CEO of ODesk, Christine Du, CEO, United Innovation Services, as well as presentations from 10 startups transforming enterprise. The presenting companies included RatePig, WINT, Loadtap, Beseeq, Exemplar, Happinss, WhoKnows, Twic, Pyze and Biggerpan.

GSVlabs CEO, Marlon Evans introduced the partnership with UIS and welcomed the Tianfu New Area North American Innovation Center to its new home at GSVlabs, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, at 585 Broadway in Redwood City. The Center will focus on information technology, life science, new energy / new material, AI, big data, IoT, modern services, and other industries, while providing both incubation and acceleration services including incubator facility, professional mentors, angel and VC funds, technology transfer and market expansion. In addition to the startup incubation services, the Center will also run a cross-border program for both US and Chinese enterprises, helping business executive navigate legal, human resources and governmental regulations.


The CEO of UIS, Christine Du gave a keynote speech on “Innovation in China.” One of the main takeaways is how China has shifted from “World Factory” to “World Market.” Mrs. Du highlighted that in the 2017 Global Fortune 500 China has 109 companies on the list, and lands as the 2nd nation with the most companies, right after the United States. She also stated that among the top 15 global IT/ internet companies, China has 6 and the US has 9, and 80% of the world’s unicorn companies are from China and the US.

Tianfu New Area North American Innovation Center will provide free advisory on government incentive, local policy, incubation facilities, university resources and more. The Center is operated by UIS and supported by Chengdu Management Committee of the Tianfu New Area. The UIS headquarters in Beijing, China has over 20 years of experience in operating top science and software parks, high-tech incubators and accelerators across Mainland China and in the US. UIS focuses on strategic site selection, industrial distribution, VC investment and value-added consulting services for 100+ Fortune 500 companies from 40+ countries and 600+ well-known Chinese enterprises. We’re happy to join forces with UIS on this exciting opportunity to further bridge the gap in the Global Silicon Valley.


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