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Product Testing and Early Adopter Feedback – Your User is Right Around the Corner

November 29, 2016

I’m sure you have heard guru after Silicon Valley guru chant the mantra, “it’s all about the product.” THEY AREN’T WRONG. While there are a lot of unique dynamics as an early stage startup, the single greatest driver of a startup’s Seed-to-Series A success is its ability to constantly gather user feedback and rapidly iterate the product design. Over 50% of our Pioneer Accelerator startups undergo a material pivot after talking to users, and I’d bet 100% of teams experience major product re-designs based upon feedback.

Slack was a famous pivot from the gaming market, Twitch refined its model from Justin.TV and Pinterest evolved out of mobile shopping app Tote.  The roads of Silicon Valley are paved with successful pivots and many suggest that the “Fail Fast, Fail Hard” mentality is the true magic ingredient of The Valley.

It Takes A Ton Of Arrows To Get 1 Bullseye

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Which begs the question: With so many early-stage startups sitting in a founder’s garage or their local WeWork, how do you immerse yourself in an environment of user feedback and insight?

This is where GSVlabs comes in. Rather than advise our startups to chase users around the country and the globe, we bring users and early adopters to our startup community.

Remote User Testing Community

We have dozens of early-adopters and tech enthusiasts that try, test and analyze new products from the GSVlabs community.  This online group offers rapid feedback and insight, without having to devote extensive resources to user testing.

Quarterly Showcase Day

Virtual Reality Demo GSVlabs

GSVlabs is launching quarterly showcase days, where it invites the public to test and try products from the GSVlabs community in-person. Our startups can reserve a demo table to meet dozens of early adopters and receive live feedback on their current product design.

Whether it is early UI/UX feedback, full-scale A/B testing or product roadmap priorities, GSVlabs’ user groups offer unparalleled insight at no cost and with minimal time commitment. User testing and product feedback is just one of the resources GSVlabs offers its 170+ startups, but is an essential tool in every CEO’s product development toolkit.

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