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Podcast: Nikhil Sinha, Creating a Global Silicon Valley

November 26, 2018

GSVlabs CEO, Nikhil Sinha joined Working Capital Review podcast to discuss how to bring Silicon Valley to the world. Check out the Working Capital Review article below, and follow the links provided to listen to Nikhil’s podcast!

“You know Silicon Valley – that magical place were people, ideas, investment, and opportunities have come together for years to generate the next generation of disruptive businesses.

The big challenge for Silicon Valley has not been bringing all of those assets from around to the world to one place in Northern California – it’s been how to bring Silicon Valley to the world.

Most specifically: How do you scale (to use a start-up word) the key elements around a start-up environment and distribute them globally?

That’s just part of GSVlabs‘ mission. GSV stands for Global Silicon Valley, and as you’ll hear from CEO Nikhil Sinha, that’s exactly what they are. From physical accelerators placed in some of the most exciting locations in the world to digital environment that connects some of the most remote, GSV Labs has pooled an extraordinary collection of entrepreneurs, corporations, thinkers, and technology.

A word about Nikhil: He’s just the person to lead such an effort and well worth listening to. He has spent a career shuttling between launching and building global start-ups and leading various academic efforts, including as Vice Chancellor of Shiv Nadar University in India and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Texas. Most recently he served as Chief Content Officer at Coursera, one of world’s leading higher education platforms.” Continue reading the full article!

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