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Yoshi Okamoto

Founder & Executive Director


About Yoshi Okamoto

Yoshi A. Okamoto is an EdTech executive, who is passionate about the effective use of technology, media and cultural resonance.

A veteran of three startups and one IPO, he has been a key driving force in forging alliances with leaders in the Internet, Communication, Technology and Education industries in Southeast Asia, North America and Europe.

His global career accomplishments in the US, Japan and Southeast Asia have included business development, integration, product incubation and communication functions, in the role of Executive Director, Chief Technology Officer, General Manager and External Advisor. He has served companies in the Internet, mobile and academic research industries, including Microsoft, Dwango North America, Rozetta, DLE, SHO-zemi Innovation Ventures (SZIV) and University of Maryland’s Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS).

Details of his analytical work can be found in numerous publications around the world, including Cognitive Science Quarterly and American Association for Artificial Intelligence. Yoshi’s academic milestones include appointment as a doctoral research fellow at the University of Maryland at College Park, an M.S. in Computational Linguistics from Georgetown University and an honors liberal studies B.A. from Maryville University of St. Louis.

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