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Vicki Shipkowitz

About Vicki Shipkowitz

Vicki Shipkowitz has a passion for innovation, a knack for building strategic alliances, and deep knowledge of software at all layers of the platform stack. She spent her early career managing products and marketing in rapidly growing startups including Xaos Tools, BAM!, and WirelessOne. She then leveraged her entrepreneurial skills as an executive at Fortune 500 companies including Yahoo!, SAP, Sun, and Adobe, where she led strategic product and business development efforts for new and emerging technologies.

Her teams have brought innovative media, mobile, and e-commerce solutions to markets worldwide, and she has built the vibrant ecosystems of partners and customers needed to make them industry standards. Her leadership in bringing together competitors to co-develop “open” solutions for enterprise platforms, embedded computing, and Web Services earned her the opportunity to serve on the Governance Boards and Committees of organizations such as the Java Community Process, the Eclipse Foundation, and OASIS.

She currently tracks and advises startups innovating in big-data (IOT), SaaS, and web-enabled medical and mobile devices, helping them get to market and scale their businesses.

Outside of her career in technology, Vicki has worked to build community support for the arts. She has served in leadership roles on the Board of Trustees of San Francisco-based non-profits including ArtSpan, Joe Goode Performance Group, and currently, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts where she is a Vice President and member of the Executive Committee.

She received both her BFA and MBA from UCLA.

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