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Vesselin Drobenov


Code Success Foundation

About Vesselin Drobenov

Recognized project manager, and social and environmental impact project auditor, Vesselinqualifications are in EU and international project development, risk management, PM, BPM, non-profit finance, fundraising and also holds a master degree in genetics. In 2012 took part in the prof. Dennis Meadows class on system thinking and resilience, and in 2013 joined the Al Gore’s Climate Reality project team as a mentor. Recently, he’s leading the Code Success Foundation, developing and magnifying projects, and consulting social safeguards. For the period of 2012 – 2016 was representing the European Institute for Innovation and Technologies, scouting and couching for TRL 3, Level 3 technologies in the fields of innovative energies, and climate change. Previously, he was involved as PM in the REC, for 8 years, consultant for the European Commission (4 successful missions within the TAIEX instrument), the EBRD, the GIZ, Ministry of education in Bulgaria etc. His first steps in the field of innovation were in the Metalife startup in the year of 2000, where a bioinformatic coverage for the pre-drug discovery process was developed [responsible for project streamlining and special consultancy in genetics].

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