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Venkat NG


Stotaa Capital Services

About Venkat NG

Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, a multicultural background of people from all over India. Venkat started his career in Pharmaceutical Sales in the year 1987 with Schering- Plough (Now Merck) and has ever since worked with 7 start up companies in India, Middle East, US and Asia Pacific nations in various capacities. Venkat has worked Life Sciences, Information Technology & Consulting domains for the past 25+ years. Worked with clients across India, Middle East & North Africa, Asia Pacific & United States to deliver business value!

Venkat has managed profit center operations for several companies in Business Development & Consulting roles and played a key role in “preparing” companies for fund raising and eventual exit generating wealth for the investors. Key skills include networking with people in the government, industry, academia and opinion leaders, to build consensus and add value to the partnerships. Venkat has a passion for mentoring people with an ability to identify talent and build a complete sales & marketing organization. Was part of the initiative on the Global Business Plan over a 3 year period and eventually contributed to venture capital infusion of about $ 40 million during this period for the company.

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