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Varun Gulati


Renaissance Learning

About Varun Gulati

Varun is an engineer, a HS math teacher, and an entrepreneur. As co-founder at UClass (acquired by Renaissance Learning in Feb 2015), Varun defined its product strategy, led the engineering team, and scaled the platform to serve thousands of teachers. At Renaissance, he has built a high-performing engineering team, as well as championed cross-functional efforts to bring lean methodology to the 30-year-old organization. He is a Columbia Engineering graduate, a TFA alum, and a former Googler.

Varun is happy to chat about any of the following: acquisition process, building your pitch deck or exec summary, lean methodology, agile software development, product pipeline, user acquisition, A/B testing, setting up a sales funnel, analytics, user engagement tracking, building an engineering team, and scaling your platform.

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