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Tres Tyvand


EdFlex Consulting

About Tres Tyvand

Tres Tyvand is a public K-12 educator and private education consultant. Her last decade of work has focused on the emerging field of K-12 blended and online education. In her district role, Tyvand has grown blended and online course usage from a fraction of a percent to 20%, district-wide, in 5 years. This growth is a result of a product and services development cycle of deep client-facing listening practices, rapid internal response to demand for new products and services, and a feedback loop which engages key stakeholders for input and refinement. Tyvand’s 20+ years of experience in K-12 education is both visionary and operational in nature. Through a decade of boots-on-the-ground, cutting-edge work as well as national speaking engagements and consulting, Tyvand brings an extensive personal network of K-12 public educators to her mentoring.

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