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Sankar Sundaresan

Entrepreneur in Residence

Voyager Capital

About Sankar Sundaresan

Sankar Sundaresan is an EIR at Voyager Capital. Previously, Sankar was a senior leader at HP, where he built and ran multiple SaaS, e‐Commerce and cloud services businesses aimed at both developed and emerging markets in the capacity of an intrapreneur, Head of Product and General Manager.

Sankar’s experiences span product management, general management, strategy and R&D. While at HP, Sankar created, launched and scaled HP DreamScreen, a touch optimized device and experience targeting consumers in emerging markets. A key innovation behind DreamScreen was an iTunes‐like ecosystem of content and services and a freemium business model to monetize the consumption of content and services.

Later, Sankar ran the SMB Cloud Solutions business, a key growth initiative that Meg Whitman launched after she came to HP as CEO. Sankar led the startup team that built and launched IT as a Service for small businesses, where HP offered all the technology (HW, SW & SaaS services from HP and partners like Google, NetSuite, Salesforce etc.) a small business would need on a per‐user per‐month basis.

In his most recent role at HP, Sankar was the Global Head for Innovation and New products for the Mobility GBU. He led the “Mobile Computing for the Next 1 Billion” program and drove the business model, partnerships, software / services roadmap to enable HP to monetize content and services consumed on smartphones.

Sankar is widely regarded for his abilities to do 3 things really well:

  • Create compelling value propositions / customer experiences, craft product strategy and roadmaps
  • Design and drive Go To Market strategy and create an ecosystem of partners aligned with the value proposition and target customer segments
  • Drive focused execution to scale revenue and margin with limited resources using lean startup principles (test ‐> measure ‐> learn ‐> iterate)

Sankar is exploring COO / Head of Product / Head of Ecosystem Partnerships / Head of Innovation or General Manager opportunities to help companies in the SaaS, Marketplace, On‐Demand areas drive the next phase of growth.

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