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Robyn Kerner

About Robyn Kerner

Robyn Kerner has over 25 years of business development and marketing experience. In addition, she has served as Board of Education Trustee in Westchester, New York for 9 years, serving as past President and Vice President. With over 12 years experience in school matters, her in-school focus has included Curriculum, Technology and Special Education areas. Prior to her School work, Robyn was head of Marketing and Sales for an early children’s online portal, Alfy.

Previously, she was in charge of Marketing for the Jim Henson Company, overseeing brand positioning, strategic alliances, strategic marketing retail tactics and new business development. She was responsible for building classic character franchises and revitalizing revenues through innovative marketing strategies, including Animal as mascot to US Olympic Snowboarding Team and spearheading the Miss Piggy Superbowl commercial. She initiated corporate sponsorship initiatives, securing over $50 million in promotional support for the Muppet movie release, with partners including McDonalds, General Mills, Hershey’s and Dole. Prior to that Robyn worked at Universal Pictures/Universal Studios, in Business Development and Marketing, working across the entertainment divisions to optimize consumer franchises, explore new business ventures and create synergistic opportunities. Robyn has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well as a BA in Mathematics from Dartmouth College.

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