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Pankaj Gulati



About Pankaj Gulati

Pankaj is an experienced CEO who likes to create, grow and manage entrepreneurial companies that have the potential to be market leaders by creating disruption using mobile and internet.

Pankaj co-founded MoreMagic in the US in 2001, a company that did pioneering work in the mobile payment space and built the business across 100 enterprises, over 200M end users, across 60 countries MoreMagic’s key solutions included: enabling unbanked people in emerging markets to have mobile bank accounts, and using thse accounts pay their utility bills, do P2P transfers, receive remittances from friends and family from abroad, etc. MoreMagic also built Wallets with Banks and large Brands (like Canal+, Carrefour, Falabella, Tesco, etc.) to enable mobile payments to merchants for groceries, taxi, airline tickets, parking, flowers, movies, etc. In addition, MoreMagic pioneered the transformation of Mobile Operators’ prepaid sales from cards to mobile-enabled electronic sales using P2P technology in over 40 countries.  The company also set up one of the world’s largest Airtime exchange, where anyone, anywhere in the world can transfer airtime from their account to their friend’s or family. Most of these solutions were cloud-based solutions, built at a global scale across all continents. Pankaj led MoreMagic to its successful acquisition by Oberthur Technologies in 2012.

Prior to that, Pankaj helped develop a $400M business in AT&T Bell Labs (subsequently Lucent).  A thought leader and an avid golfer, Pankaj is passionate about building great teams and ventures. Pankaj ascribes to the Design Think methodology. He enjoys exploring and imagining disruptive opportunities based on innovation around user need, business models and technology.

Pankaj is a curious being. He has been sinking his teeth into edTech and also data analytics and visualization and is currently enrolled in a Machine Learning course.

Born to parents who were refugees, Pankaj feels very strongly about human rights, particularly the rights of the voiceless, for justice and equal opportunity. He has also witnessed first hand how the malaise of injustice, inequality and loss of hope in countries like India stems from rampant corruption and lack of accountability.  With a mobile phone virtually in every household, Pankaj believes massive change is both inevitable and achievable in a short timeframe. He volunteers his time to help make this happen.

Pankaj, his wife and their two sons live in Weston, MA along with their very social dog Chiquita.

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