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Michael Robbins


Span Learning

About Michael Robbins

Span Learning is led by Michael Robbins, a national leader on education partnerships with more than two decades of experience as a cross-sector leader and social entrepreneur working in education and youth development. He served most recently as a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Education where he led the signature initiative for the Department and the White House on community partnerships to propel school improvement. He has a deep understanding of how technology can advance school, family and community partnerships; and how these partnerships can unleash the full potential of the digital learning revolution.

Michael has advised and assisted leaders in education, technology and government on building community-based education initiatives. He is a noted speaker on digital learning partnerships, and has presented at the national Blended and Online Learning Symposium, the National Afterschool Association conference, the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, the United Way Staff Leaders Conference, and SXSWedu.

Michael’s work is informed by his extensive experience working directly with schools, families, youth and community-based organizations–including work in some of the nation’s most challenged communities. He has served as a senior leader at The SEED Foundation, FIRST, and the Shriver Center, and helped launch AmeriCorps. The transformative power of technology has been a critical part of his work, beginning in sixth grade when he wrote his first computer program to generate Dungeons & Dragons characters for his friends.

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