GSVlabs Completes $7 Million Series B Financing Round, Names CEO To Lead Global Growth Strategy New Funding + CEO Announcement

Matt Cuson



About Matt Cuson

Matt Cuson is an experienced product management and marketing executive. He likes to build businesses from the outside in. Using a customer first approach, he focuses on gaining a deep understanding of the requirements from all stakeholders, including channel and technology partners. That customer insight is then paired with technology features and capabilities to define product roadmaps and go-to-market plans that offer compelling, well positioned, high value solutions. With experience in both startups and established companies, Matt understands the challenges faced by small organizations with resource constraints but can appropriately apply the holistic view of processes and controls used by larger companies. With a career spanning hardware and software products, consumer and enterprise markets, and application areas of manufacturing, finance, entertainment and communications Matt is able to cross pollinate learnings of others to help new companies avoid repeating mistakes so they can focus on their unique value add.

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