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Martyn Crew

Founder & CEO

Bootstrap Marketing

About Martyn Crew

Martyn Crew is the founder and CEO of Bootstrap Marketing–an end-to-end marketing partner focusing solely on the high-tech industry. Based in San Carlos, Bootstrap serves the startup, high-growth and enterprise markets, as well as companies from Europe and Asia Pacific looking to take their first step into the U.S.

In sales leadership roles with companies like Asera, Cast Iron, and CrossWorlds, Martyn was often frustrated by marketing’s inability to deliver content that met sales’ and customer needs. That’s why he founded Bootstrap; and his pragmatic, get-it-done attitude has struck a chord with enterprise execs, startup founders and investors alike.

Martyn’s areas of expertise include:

  • Product-market fit analysis
  • Messaging development
  • Launch strategy and execution
  • Content marketing
  • Working with European and Asian companies launching in the U.S.
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