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Leslie Field

Engineering R&D (Consulting, Invention and Education in MEMS, Medical Devices and Climate)

About Leslie Field

Dr. Leslie Field is the Founder and Managing Member of SmallTech Consulting, LLC and the Founder and CEO of MEMS Insight, Inc.   She also serves as a Consulting Professor in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Leslie has a background in Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, corporate R&D, and consulting. Dr. Field, through her consulting companies, has provided consulting services to a broad spectrum of companies for technical and strategic projects since 2002.

Previously, Dr. Field worked in MEMS R&D at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories/Agilent Laboratories and while there, played a key role in starting HP Labs’ Micromechanics group and worked on a variety of MEMS projects and devices. Farther back, Leslie’s work at Chevron Research Company resulted in improved commercial refining methods for various petroleum-based products.

Dr. Field has served on conference technical program committees, the Denice Denton Award committee for the Anita Borg Institute, and as a scientific reviewer for NIH. She is an inventor on thirty-seven patents and an author on fourteen technical publications. Dr. Field earned PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley’s Sensor & Actuator Center, and MS and BS degrees in Chemical Engineering from MIT.


MEMS fabrication

Device design and layout

Liaison with MEMS foundries

Technology and IP evaluation

Investigation of specific MEMS market



Specific MEMS device /application areas:







energy applications

Specific MEMS fabrication specialties:

low-stress silicon nitride

nickel electroplating

complex process integration

Specific Chemical Engineering specialties:


sulfur sorption

aromatics production



Work Experience:

MEMS Insight

Agilent Laboratories

HP Laboratories

Chevron Research Company


PhD and MS degrees in EECS from UC Berkeley (BSAC)

  • Fluid-Actuated Micromachined Rotors and Gears (Doctoral Dissertation)
  • Low-Temperature Silicon-Silicon Bonding with Oxides (Master’s Thesis)

MS and BS degrees in Chemical Engineering from MIT

  • School of Chemical Engineering Practice (In lieu of Master’s Thesis)
  • Limits of Superheat of Non-Ideal Binary Liquid Mixtures (Bachelor’s Thesis

Patents and Publications:

Fourteen technical publications and thirty-seven patents

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