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Ken Dulaney


About Ken Dulaney


Ken is a noted expert in the field of mobility and related subjects. Ken provides advisory services to end users and vendors in the areas of both strategy and implementation. Most recently, Ken was the lead mobile analyst at Gartner, the world’s leading IT research organization, a position he held for his 23+ years at the company. During that period, Ken received numerous awards from the company for his work and was cited by AdWeek magazine as one of the top analysts in his field. Ken has also been cited in many publications for his insights as well.

Prior to Gartner, Ken was Director of Product Marketing at GRiD Systems. At GRiD, he was involved with the development of the first true notebook computer and in 1989 released the first tablet computer, the GRiDPad. Ken along with Jeff Hawkins, later of Palm Computing fame, received a U.S. patent for the product.

Ken has worked in previous positions as an IT Director for various firms and in the consulting field with Deloitte Consulting.


Ken has provided product and marketing solutions for a variety of vendors using his strong knowledge of IT needs and industry applications. Ken has a strong understanding of IT operations and has helped end users conceptualize and build IT solutions that revolutionize business processes. Ken is an accomplished speaker. A sample of his work can be found at Ken has developed a number of breakthrough models for emerging technology trends that illustrate how new markets will develop, many of which can be found on Ken has a strong understanding of business processes across many industries, a skill that permits him to quickly adapt raw technology to the specific needs of an organization and for vendors to adapt their products to those industries. He is an expert on product design in in marketing those products to customers. And of course, Ken has an intimate knowledge of how to best optimize analyst firm interactions.

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