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Jeff Hunter



About Jeff Hunter

Jeff Hunter can be best described as a “business builder” who is obsessed with finding and releasing the productive potential of people. Jeff believes that an organization’s people are its most powerful and most lasting advantage, and he has spent his career fighting against the conventional business wisdom, “Don’t design around people!”

Jeff started his career as an early employee at Conner Peripherals, the fastest growing start-up in history, were he rose rapidly to take on global HR responsibilities. He went on to start DataMain Technologies, where as CEO, he became obsessed with ways to increase his company’s performance through culture and people. This led Jeff to Electronic Arts, a Fortune-500 digital entertainment company, where he was the Head of Talent Management based in Silicon Valley. There he created and launched the idea of “Profitable Creativity”, an approach to reducing waste in work through better design, increasing creative ROI.

In parallel, Jeff began blogging and innovating new talent technologies and processes, winning multiple awards and recognition. His speeches to global leaders, his creation of the first Talent Unconference, and his guest lectures at Stanford University have all focused on changing the way people think about talent, design and competitive advantage. This lead Jeff to become the Head of Recruiting for Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund and a firm renowned for its hiring selectivity and innovative approaches to culture and talent.

Jeff started Talentism to bring his track record of innovation, design and business building together in a new set of innovations focused on creating advantage through business design.

Jeff is married with three children and lives in Westport, CT.

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