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Heather Delaney

Vice President of North America


About Heather Delaney

Heather Delaney, Vice President of North America at Dynamo is the world’s most influential crowdfunding PR specialist who takes a full on approach in supporting entrepreneurs and startups.
Respected for her straight talking approach, Heather has spent the last 10 years residing between the US and UK, working with international businesses and startups, including Yelp, HTC M3D, and 3Doodler.
Having become Dynamo’s Head of Consumer Technology, Heather then launched various specialist branches including SmartHome, Wearable and the world’s first Kickstarter division in a PR agency, which evolved into a specialist crowdfunding subsection.
Her experience comprises of product development, strategically launching into various territories, providing messaging and training, training large and small global resellers and distributers, along with advising on production and manufacturing including Asia and reshoring.
Silicon Valley born, Heather is passionate about giving back and supporting entrepreneurs on their journey, whether focused on product development for target audiences or changing the way a business markets themselves.
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