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Estevan Avila

Director: Supply Chain

About Estevan Avila

Estevan Avila is a recognized supply chain leader and innovator in the semiconductor space with global customer, inventory, procurement, and operations experience.  He has focused on innovative supply network strategy supported by process architectures to systematically enhance next level customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, cost reduction, and revenue growth.  He values and enjoys challenges requiring innovation and a clear blueprinting of ideas to ensure successful business transformations, enabling great ideas transiting into reality.

In the past, Estevan worked directly with customers across Mobile, Automotive, Distribution, and Standard Analog businesses to understand unique market challenges and collaborate on customized supply chain solutions.  This provided the opportunity to also become a trusted advisor to Business Unit leaders and C-level teams to ensure supply chain architecture and processes were designed to enable support of their critical technology and business roadmaps, while also establishing a best-in-class supplier status to customers with systematic real time support.

Tenure as active leader and facilitator at single company for 20 years, while working within Operations, Supply Chain, and Finance provided valuable insight of the challenges moving from technology centric startup, to a fast growth mid cap, to mature market strategies.  Estevan managed and implemented complete transformation of a manual supply chain, reliant on excel spreadsheets, into an automated best-in-class supply chain through talent mentorship and implementation of a JDA Advanced Planning System footprint.  The results were best-in-class and high predictable delivery commitments, inventory control, and revenue projections.

Estevan is a graduate of Stanford University and was a four  year letterman on the football team.  He currently works and lives in the San Francisco bay area.

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