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Elijah Mayfield

Vice President, New Technologies


About Elijah Mayfield

Elijah Mayfield is Vice President of New Technologies at Turnitin, where he focuses on building automated feedback and assessment technologies to improve student writing and learning. Elijah joined Turnitin in October 2014 when they acquired LightSide Labs, where he served as co-founder and CEO. He received his master’s degree in language technology from Carnegie Mellon University. Before exiting his Ph.D. program to found LightSide, he was a recipient of a 2011 Siebel Scholarship and a 2013 IBM Ph.D. Fellowship. Elijah’s research on automated assessment of writing was highlighted as an Editor’s Choice in Science, and he is an author or co-author on more than 25 peer-reviewed publications on language technologies, learning sciences, and human-computer interaction. Elijah is the director of Turnitin’s Pittsburgh office, where they develop Revision Assistant, Turnitin’s next-generation product to improve student writing skills using novel machine learning, natural language processing, and intelligent tutoring algorithms.

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