GSVlabs Completes $7 Million Series B Financing Round, Names CEO To Lead Global Growth Strategy New Funding + CEO Announcement

Aravind Pochiraju

Founder & CEO


About Aravind Pochiraju

Aravind is an experienced education technology entrepreneur. He is the founding CEO of Lrnr (learner), an adaptive learning solutions company. Lrnr is focused on building powerful, practical, cost-effective solutions for personalized learning that deliver measurably superior results. Aravind is very passionate about solving problems that stem from the one-size-fits-all model of education.

Before starting Lrnr in 2012, Aravind worked at Pearson for over a decade in various product development and strategy roles. He led the Digital Innovation Group and built a publisher first eReader for iOS and Andriod platforms. He helped put Pearson ahead of competition in the mobile domain by creating several blockbuster apps such as MadLibs, Grammar Prep, Reading Prep, Live Lessons, Cisco Press, Kelby, eMed Medical Dictionary, etc. He led the development and successful implementation of Pearson’s first highly scalable K-12 LMS “SuccessNet” in 2001, which is still in use today with millions of students. He led many key projects at Pearson including SIS Integration (Power school acquired from Apple, Chancery), WCM, eBook platform for multi channel publishing, Custom Publishing to enable faculty to Print on Demand, and Digital Rights Management for protecting and tracking key resources.

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