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Alifya Duggal

Business Operations & Strategy


About Alifya Duggal

Alifya has worked in the tech industry spanning consumer electronics, consumer software, enterprise software, security software, networking and the renewable energy sector as solar consultant. A customer-centric business management professional with strong business, technology and financial acumen, Alifya has diverse experience having held leadership positions in business operations, strategic marketing, finance and engineering.

A career at established tech companies with extensive experience designing cross-functional programs, developing capabilities and leading transformation initiatives has provided exposure to a variety of best practices and pitfalls that are an advantage to start-ups targeting aggressive growth with characteristic growing pains and limited resources. Alifya works with key stakeholders and teams to synthesize business requirements, leveraging a broad background and ability to wear multiple hats to move quickly defining a path forward to achieve superior business outcomes. She specializes in design and development of business solutions for strategic objectives to everyday issues.

Alifya also brings start up experience as co-founder of TradeSeam, a Services marketplace, where she helped develop the business model and owned business operations, customer success and onboarding. An MBA and MS Engineering provide a powerful foundation for problem solving, effective communication and relationship building with stakeholders, customers and partners.

Specialties: Developing capabilities, business operations, business growing pains, customer experience, customer success, marketing strategy, market trends and competitive analysis, business planning, cross-functional programs, transformation initiatives, operational frameworks and metrics, KPIs, partner management, business analysis

Industries: Consumer Electronics, Internet of Things, Security Software, Consumer Software, Enterprise Software, Renewable Energy, Education, Networking

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