Radsone, short for Radical Sound, is a full-stack audio company established to deliver high-quality sound easier than before. As music is an essential ingredient to life, music that deeply moves one’s heart should be delivered with quality. Unfortunately, high-end premium audio products only have been enjoyed by very few audiophiles who could afford them. However, thanks to high-performance smartphones and faster telecommunications, high-quality sound has begun to prosper around the world.

Radsone’s DCT (Distinctive Clear Technology), which solves fundamental digital audio problems, has been applied to millions of audio products including LG, Astell & Kern, Audio-Technica, etc. Radsone desires to provide affordable and accessible solutions including DCT and Dual Drive to anyone craving for high-quality sound. Especially, they are focusing on high-quality wireless audio makers and have led the high-quality Bluetooth 24bit market since 2014.


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