GSVlabs Completes $7 Million Series B Financing Round, Names CEO To Lead Global Growth Strategy New Funding + CEO Announcement


KYVO is an innovation consulting firm that drives companies, organizations, and startups into achieving highly qualified solutions by focusing on the cocreative and immersive process of design, with an ethnographic approach.

We DIVE into the context of the business of our clients and their users to understand the needs and expectations. Along with our clients, we DRAFT as many solutions as possible, prototyping services and MVPs to DELIVER artifacts and solutions that are tailored to the core values of our clients and the needs of their users.

We believe we can help the world to create and improve services from within the companies out to the experience of their customers. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to deliver value. We love working on projects that, at the end of the day, are good stories to be told. We are KYVO.


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