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Kermdinger Studios is a video game development studio currently working on a disruptive new product called Jump.

Jump is the world’s first multiplatform video game subscription service. Think: Netflix for Digital Games.

In 2006 there were four main video game platforms. In 2015 there are close to 20. Fragmentation in the gaming hardware market is a huge issue for both developers and for gamers. Developers now have to put in a significant amount of work porting to various platforms in order to reach a broad audience. Gamers have to decide where to buy and play their favorite games, and sometimes they’re even forced to buy games twice just to own them on more than 1 platform.

Jump unites the fragmenting hardware market by becoming the central service for console-quality video games across all major platforms. Using the power of native web technologies like HTML5, WebGL and JavaScript, games can now run natively in the browser with no plugins, downloads, or platform restrictions. Jump exclusively hosts these plugin and download-free games powered by web tech, and they will deliver these games to gamers on virtually every major platform. This means that game developers can host one version of their game on Jump, and it will immediately be available on every platform whose controls they support. This also means that gamers can play unlimited games through Jump and access them from any gaming device they own. No more buying a game 3 times or having to decide which is better: Consoles or PC.

Jump is currently in private beta, and the commercial site will launch in Q4 2016 on PC/Mac/Linux with 25+ games available.

Jump will be as ubiquitous as Netflix by the end of 2017.


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