GES International Cultural Exchange LLC

GES International Culture Exchange LLC, established in 2011, is an educational company in Silicon Valley. We provide various customized camps, workshops, and programs pertaining to innovation.

Our programs cover the most recent cutting-edge areas in innovation such as Technology, Creative Mindset, Entrepreneurship, Branding & Marketing, Management, and Leadership.  Our mission is to empower individuals and enterprises with immersive education in innovation learning. Our vision is to catalyze learning and communication experience of innovation from the youth, adults, and enterprises between China and the U.S. so as to lead our next generation to create a global online and offline community for innovation learning.

We believe that innovation learning is not some mystical attribute reserved for the lucky few. We dedicate to make innovation learning accessible to everyone and easy to practice so as to increase his/her creative confidence. We are changing your life rather than just your creative mindset.


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