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Errand Zapp

ErrandZapp is an operationally viable on-demand application. Errand runners choose and run local errands entered by customers and get paid for their service. The customer is charged the cost for the items in addition to a service fee. Customers need a valid payment card and runners need to clear a background check and setup a Stripe account for reimbursements.

Customers enter an errand by clicking ‘Post an Errand’. An errand includes a description, location of the pickup store (optional), errand expiry time, a delivery address and payment card information. Runners search for errands to run by clicking ‘Run an Errand’. Once a suitable errand is found, runners ‘Pickup’ the errand and a hold is placed on the customer’s payment card for payment funds and the customer is notified that their errand has been picked up. At this point the customer or the runner may contact each other to discuss details and get clarity on the errand details. Once the runner completes the errand, they enter the final cost and upload associated receipts. Once the customer is in receipt of the items, he (she) confirms the delivery, the amount and rates the runner. This completes the transaction, the customer’s card is charged the final amount (cost + service fee), the runner is paid (cost + runner fee) and both parties are notified. Users may go to the My Errands menu to see errands in progress and those that have been completed.

There are only few items (e.g. food) that are required ‘quickly’ and in most cases same day delivery is good enough. Posting an errand provides a delivery window and the errand automatically expires once the expiry time is reached.

Users may directly signup up with ErrandZapp or use their Facebook credentials to login. Twilio is used to validate the user’s phone number and we have integrated with Checkr to run background checks. We also use Google Maps for validating addresses and searching for local errands and use Stripe for all payment processing.


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