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Couragion modernizes career planning with real role models who mimic diverse populations and build perceived personal capacity. In a learner-led environment, students see careers firsthand and rate their characteristics to determine those that match their values and interests. For best fit careers, students receive ongoing, personalized programming. This not only helps to further explore careers, but also to hone skills and make immediate progress towards improving their workforce readiness and employability.

Educators have stated that Couragion meets unsatisfied needs of exposing students to careers in a more purposeful, cost-effective manner while being accessible to all regardless of place, gender, family income, or ethnicity. The educator companion app provides lesson plans and enables professional development. Couragion has been awarded an innovation research grant from the National Science Foundation. The project mission is to improve the awareness and perception of careers that require competencies in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


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