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Bitsbox teaches school-aged kids to love coding, because coding is about making stuff, and making stuff is empowering and important. Bitsbox delivers insanely fun app-building projects to thousands of subscribers every month. They print the projects on beautiful books and trading cards and stickers and (sometimes) whoopie cushions. They send them in the mail because kids love mail.

Kids code their projects on the Bitxbox website and their apps work on any device with a browser. Since launching at the end of 2014, hundreds of thousands of kids have spent over 12 million minutes coding with Bitsbox. Teachers have said that Bitsbox is working great in schools, too. For 2016, Bitsbox is adapting the materials and tools to make them even better for teachers and students in classroom settings. Every kid deserves to experience the feeling of writing code, and schools are the perfect place to do it.


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