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The spirit and entrepreneurial mindset that has made Silicon Valley such a magical place has gone viral and it’s gone global. From Austin to Boston, to Chicago and São Paulo; from Shanghai to Mumbai to Dubai, a Global Silicon Valley is emerging.

Bringing Silicon Valley to the World, and the World to Silicon Valley

Since the dawn of the microprocessor, Silicon Valley has been at the center of the world’s innovation. Remarkably, it has continued to grow more relevant every decade, reinventing itself; drawing some of the best and brightest from every country. But now more than ever, Silicon Valley has become global. The technological revolution that was once synonymous with the Valley is now seen all over the world—the times are changing, and the next big thing could come from anywhere.

BC-GSV Accelerator in Bangalore + GurgaonGSVlabs Gurgaon India

BC-GSV accelerates the stars of tomorrow—startups, individuals, and partners who value growth and innovation. Our platform brings together luminaries, rainmakers, and architects from the global innovation economy to accelerate budding startups and entrepreneurs. We have extensive expertise in guiding startups to scale into great businesses, particularly those in the areas of EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech and Retail Consumer. We do this by providing unique learning opportunities, and connecting entrepreneurs to high impact networks of talent, investors, and media partners. Located in Bangalore + Gurgaon, the accelerator also features a two-week immersive experience at GSVlabs headquarters in Silicon Valley. LEARN MORE.

GSVlabs Expansion Plans

Watch for an announcement in 2017 about our newest international locations in China and Mexico.

GSV Has Pioneered the Concept of the Global Silicon Valley

GSV literally wrote the book on the Global Silicon Valley. Download it now.Global Silicon Valley Handbook

Where does GSV see growth and opportunity in the future? In the VChIIPs — Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Take a crash course in the Silicon Valley with GSV founder Michael Moe.

GSV has identified 250 private companies that are poised to become the next generation of game-changing businesses. We call this group the Global Silicon Valley Pioneer 250. Find out who they are.

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