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We have developed a comprehensive platform to help unlock the innovation capacity of our corporate partners and transform their enterprise, leveraging today’s most disruptive technology and business models.

Turnkey Silicon Valley Innovation

GSVlabs helps an organization encode innovation into its DNA and turn disruptive technology into an opportunity, rather than a threat. From the trenches of the Global Silicon Valley, we work with our corporate partners to create tangible innovation outcomes and drive ROI. From unparalleled connectivity to the global startup community, to design thinking and rapid innovation programs, GSVlabs pushes global corporations ahead of the innovation curve.

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Whether you are looking to identify startups or technology for investment, partnership, acquisition or a broader innovation strategy, GSVlabs leverages its global network and proprietary scouting process to map the market and analyze the most transformative startups in any technology area. Through white papers, Silicon Valley think tanks and relationship consulting, GSVlabs opens a window to the innovation economy and provides any global organization the same access to Silicon Valley technology and talent that was previously only possible for tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook. 


Design Thinking GSVlabs Corporate Innovation

GSVlabs brings a broad toolkit of design and ideation resources to inspire new products or services, crowdsource code or concepts, and build innovation capacity within your organization. Through hackathons and ideathons, we tap into the Global Silicon Valley’s best and brightest design thinkers, like SMALLIFY™. We pack months of design, user feedback and rapid prototyping into a 48-hour period.

GSVlabs also facilitates design sprints and rapid prototyping workshops, leveraging world-class design partners like Smallify. Bring your team together for 1, 3 or 5 days to map a white space, create a prototype and launch your development plan. We firmly believe that anyone can innovate like a startup.


GSVlabs’ turnkey acceleration platform can be customized to create a high-impact innovation program at a fraction of the cost of in-house development. Whether you are looking to supercharge an internal venture or launch a custom startup accelerator, GSVlabs provides the resources and expertise to accelerate early-stage product design, user testing, business model development and commercializ
ation. Tap into our 130+ mentor-network, shared technology resources, pilot networks and recruiting resources to turn months of development into weeks.

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