GSVlabs Completes $7 Million Series B Financing Round, Names CEO To Lead Global Growth Strategy New Funding + CEO Announcement


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The Global Silicon Valley

It’s an extraordinary time to be an entrepreneur.

The world today is bursting with ideas and opportunities, propelled by a society that encourages entrepreneurism and aspirations of life-altering innovation.

The Global Silicon Valley is powering this wave of ambition and advancement.  It’s not a place, but rather an energy—a smart, purposeful, collaborative, and daring way of doing business.

GSVlabs is a powerful platform for connecting members of the Global Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Our commitment is to both organizations and individuals—delivering services and programming that connect, inspire, educate, and fund high-impact business opportunities.

The Epicenter of Innovation

Headquartered less than 20 minutes from Apple and 10 from Facebook, the action at GSVlabs is concentrated in professional campuses within select growth hubs around the world. Equal parts physical environment and virtual community, GSVlabs brings professionals, startups, corporations, and investors together, enabling relationships that accelerate dynamic businesses.

Bringing Silicon Valley to the World, and the World to Silicon Valley

GSVlabs is part of the family of companies known as Global Silicon Valley, or GSV.  While GSV’s home is the legendary area of northern California that inspired the name, its connections and vision span the globe.

The common thread through GSV is the Silicon Valley way. Like all our fellow GSV companies, we subscribe to the model that has produced many of the most exceptional businesses in history: Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Intuit, Tesla, Uber…and on and on.

There’s no magic formula, per se, but still there is definitely something magical.

Even for entrepreneurs and companies right in the Bay Area—let alone for those zip codes or oceans away—GSVlabs represents a connection to the resources, mindset, and best practices that make Silicon Valley a transformational force.

Ready to make big things happen?

The GSVlabs community is a cross-section of passionate professionals, welcoming anyone and everyone that’s ready to pursue greatness. We value thoughtfulness and effort, teamwork and profit, enthusiasm and an insatiable thirst for improvement.

If that sounds extraordinary to you…join the club.

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