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11 GSVlabs EdTech Startups Reimagining the Future of Education

April 15, 2016

GSVlabs’ hallways are far from quiet this week.

Eleven of GSVlabs’ EdTech entrepreneurs have been selected to present at next week’s prestigious the ASU GSV EdTech Summit in San Diego. This leading education summit, with 3,500+ attendees and a keynote from Bill Gates, is their crucial chance to shine in front of a sold out audience.

GSVlabs’ pitch coaches are on hand to help sharpen these presenters’ skills as they prepare to share ideas, products and services that they have nurtured in the Redwood City-based EdTech Lab. Prepping their programs with experts and consultants brought in to help these young companies tell their stories is one way that GSVlabs gives these fledgling EdTech companies a head start in this competitive, dynamic field.

“We are extremely proud of the 11  companies that are on their way to this strategic summit,” says GSVlabs CEO Marlon Evans. “They are an important measure of our effectiveness in helping early stage companies find success and a global audience for their ideas.”

Meet the Startups

The 11 EdTech startups from GSVlabs selected to present at the 7th Annual ASU/GSV Summit, include:

Adjunct Professor Link,, CodeSpark, CoPilot, Credly, Kindoma, Marine Learning Systems, Proformative, ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women, Vocatio, and zyBooks.

These startups capture opportunities that address the realities of education across a learner’s lifespan, empowering the ecosystem to create generations of global citizens.

At GSVlabs, We Ignite Startup Growth

The EdTech Innovation Lab at GSVlabs offers a wide range of innovation services for more than 50 startups that are transforming education with technology.

The Innovation Lab offers comprehensive curriculum for entrepreneurs seeking launch and market expertise, a world class network of mentors, a series of innovation showcases featuring industry experts and entrepreneurs, and strategic partnerships with leading corporations such as Intel, AT&T Aspire, Google Launchpad, 3M and JetBlue.

For EdTech startups seeking domestic & global scale, GSVlabs provides distribution channels through partnerships with school districts, universities and corporations. For early stage startups ready to transform ideas into products, GSVlabs offers the Pioneer Accelerator (, a 12-week accelerator program co-designed with Google Developers Launchpad. Participants must apply by April 22nd.

The EdTech Innovation Lab at GSVlabs is led by General Manager, Kathy Benemann ( and operated by Program Manager, Michael Narea (

GSVlabs is a global innovation center based in Silicon Valley that accelerates startups and connects corporations to exponential technologies, business models, and entrepreneurs. Its 72,000 square-foot facility houses over 150+ startups and partners. A global innovation platform, GSVlabs works with individuals, startups, and corporate partners to accelerate their growth, and is focused on key technology verticals, including Big Data, Sustainability, Education Technology (EdTech), Entertainment and Mobile. GSVlabs also houses three accelerators including ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women, Core Labs Game Accelerator, and GSVlabs Pioneer Accelerator with Google Developers Launchpad.

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